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There is no cost or investment needed to Join. There are no joining fees, no starter kit required, no auto ship or monthly purchase requirements and no website fees. You don’t even have to sell products. Simply join for free, buy products on the website and share with others.

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For members who don't have 2 Downline, Their ID will still be input on this web to get 2 Downline From spillover

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After Join Your ID will Place above untill you get 2 Downline at 2 Leg

If The Sponsor ID is not Able to Register, it means that ID have 2 Members, Please select another sponsor ID

Self-Register Instructions

And Will Show Page Like this
Choose Your Country ( This tutorial use USA Country )
If your country is not USA , You Can Change to your Country
After that you follow step below to register from USA
If it's not a USA country, please adjust the form to your country
This Tutorian for USA country....but it can also be for other countries

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Send Your Member ID to Email :
Then Your ID will place this WEB to get 2 Spillover Downline

Please See Below Conditions if There Buy Product at Online Shooping

How we Get Downline ?

When join with my team from this web you will get downline According to the queue, Because after join Your ID will place at this web.

But if you will very fast you can promoted too. and can help your downline , So very fast grow your team.

We see there 2 member JOHN and PETER

John at Left Leg and Peter at Right Left

John Buy Toothbrush WITH Price $9 and Get PV 5.000

One box Toothbrush there 8 PCS,

John’s personal PV will be increased by 5,000 . John is a member of your left team.
So members who are on top of John will all get 5,000 team poins. ( yellow member 1,2,3… including you and members on top of you.) You will gain 5,000 left team points.

Peter bought one box of Toothbrush WITH Price $9 and Get PV 5.000

Peter’s personal PV will be increased by 5,000. Peter is a member of your right team.

So members who are on top of Peter will all get 5,000 team poins. ( red member 1,2,3… including you and members on top of you.) Youl will gain 5,000 right team points.

Your Personal PV is accumulated Forever

Your Personal PV is Accumulated Forever. So you no need buy product every Month

Your Group PV is accumulated Until you Get Bonus

Your Goup PV is Accumulated until you get Bonus. So you no need buy product every Month

Your left team total PV accumulated to at least 300K, your right team PV is accumulated to at least 300KPV, you will get $60 commission

Buy Product at Online Shooping

Above only exemple from one product. How if there other Product buy From Your Team? Because product Very Much.

Your Income will very Much

Benefits of Joining Our Team

Here are the steps to Order PRODUCT directly from Online Shooping Official Website

Go to the Official Site for your country that is stated.

Compensation Plan

Are you intrested to receive commission ?
First of all you need to become a valid member.

How do I get a downline

For those who join our team will get a downline Spillover, according to the queue and the ID will still be installed on this website if you haven’t got 2 members on 2 legs.

If you already have 2 members, the ID will be deleted on this website, then replaced with the downline ID. So that the network under you will be even more.

To accelerate the development of your network, you can also promote this business, so that network development is very fast. Because the network arrangement is only 2 Leg.

Your Downline from yourself , Your Upline and your Leader

Conditions To Be Met in Order to Get Commission

Personal PV
Left team PV. (300K points)
Right team PV. (300K points)
Left team PV and right team PV will keep accumulating until minimum 300K

You will receive basic commission, about $60. Then left team PV and right team PV will reset to zero. Personal PV remain. Next round of accumulation for left and right team points will begin.

Don’t worry about your personal PV and team PV. Take your time to accumulate. No time limit is set for members. Keep sharing. You will find your team PV grow automatically faster and faster.

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This website is not an official company website, but a web support as a means to assist the team in developing the network. There are no commission claims, refunds, or any claims that can be charged to the manager. All policies refer to the official company website.