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Diagnose: Going Through Series Of Tests

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Have you ever wondered what diagnose means? When you go to doctors because you suspect that there is something wrong with you, it is likely that doctor will perform an examination before they can release a diagnose. What is it all about and how important it is in the medical check?

Reasons for Tests

Diagnose meaning

Diagnose meaning

Before doctors can produce a diagnose, they will have to do tests. The reasons for the tests are:

  • Knowing for sure that you suffer from a certain disorder, including evaluating the level of severity
  • Screening
  • Monitoring the condition and treatment response

In general, a test can be used for more than one usage. At the same time, a condition of an ailment can be confirmed after several tests have been done altogether.

Different Types

When we are talking about tests and their different types, there are six of them, including:

  • Body fluids analysis. Our body consists of several different fluids and they all can be tested. The urine, blood, synovial fluid (fluids inside a joint), and fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord can all be tested. In less general requirements, saliva, digestive tract fluid, or sweat can be examined and analyzed.
  • Endoscopy. It includes an insertion of a tube with a camera and a light through body opening to examine the inside area of the organ, system, or tissue. Endoscopy can be inserted through anus to check the anus, rectum, and large intestiine. It can be inserted through the nose to check the lungs and voice box. It can be inserted through the mouth to examine the stomach, small intestine, and esophagus. It can be inserted to the vagina to check the uterus and through urethra to check the bladder.
  • Imaging. This examination is performed by taking images or photos of the body – either only the certain parts or the overall body. The most common method is the C-ray, along with ultrasonography, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT (Computer Tomography), angiography, and PET (Positron Emission Tomography).
  • Biopsy. This is a process taking tissue samples from the body. The idea is to find any abnormalities or evidence of inflammation. The examined tissues include lung, bone, breast, kidney, skin, and liver.
  • Body function measurement. The ECG or the EEG is a part of this examination.
  • Genetic material analysis. Also known as the genetic testing, this test is examining the genes, the cells, or both. This test can be performed to adults, kids and toddlers, or babies.

The Results and Possible Risks

Doctors can produce the diagnose after the result of the test is revealed. Although the health experts will try their best to perform the tests as careful as possible, there are always possible risks along the way. The most common risks are the injury on the testing sites. When a certain test has been performed but doctors can’t produce a conclusive result, other tests may be required. But it is possible that the next ones will be more expensive or even riskier.

doctor consultation

doctor consultation

When you want to know for sure about your own condition, make sure that you really understand the purpose of the test and the expected outcome. In general, the tests are done to reveal the diagnose of your condition.

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