Cancer Treatments: The Various Types

When we are talking about cancer treatment, there are a lot of different alternatives, really. Cancer is a disease that is pretty hard to beat. But if you are able to find it on the early stage and it hasn’t spread to the other organs (creating damaging effects), you can have more than 90% chances to win. After all, there are different kinds of treatments and care, and what are they?

The Surgery

You probably have heard about surgery as one of the most popular cancer treatment options. Naturally, your doctor will provide some suggestions, including chemotherapy or radiation. Be advised, though, that health experts have viewed all possible outcome and solutions. And they may offer you the best way that fits your needs and requirements – along with your condition and health stage.

surgery cancer treatment
surgery cancer treatment

Cancer surgery can be the most effective solution in several conditions. First of all, the tumor hasn’t turned into cancer. For instance, doctor will remove a tumor responsible for the bowel blockage. Once it is removed, the problem is done. Second, the cancer hasn’t spread to other organs. If the cancer is still in the early stage and it hasn’t developed, it is possible to take the cancerous cells. In most cases, doctors will identify whether they still need to perform a chemotherapy or a radiation if they see any dangerous cells still alive. But if not, the surgery will be the final solution and that’s it.

Of course, the procedure won’t be too easy. If you want to undergo surgery, you need to know the answer to these questions:

  • What’s the purpose?
  • What is going to happen during the surgery?
  • What are my chances of survival or at least being cured?
  • What other options or alternatives do I have?
  • What to expect from the surgery?
  • How is the recovery process? How long should I stay within the hospital?
  • What are the chances that the cancerous cells be back again?
  • How much is it cost?
  • What are the side effects and common risks?

Other Alternatives

cancer Immunotherapy
cancer Immunotherapy

Of course, surgery isn’t the only cancer treatment available as there are other alternatives to try:

  • Immunotherapy. This is a treatment focusing on strengthening your immune system so it is strong enough to fight off the cancerous cells
  • Radiation therapy. It is a treatment using high dosage of radiation designed and meant to shrink tumors and kill cancerous cells.
  • Targeted therapy. It is a type of treatment targeting the cancerous cells. These cells grow, divide, multiply, and spread. By having this therapy, the health experts know what changes happening in the cells.
  • Hormone therapy. As the name suggests, this treatment is using hormone to stop the cancerous cells to grow. This therapy is usually done for the prostate and breast cancer.
  • Stem cell transplant. This treatment focuses on the stem cells blood forming restoration within cancer patients. Patients who have undergone radiation or chemotherapy often suffer from the destruction of the stem cells.

Naturally, doctors need to look into your own condition and check your ealth backrground before they can discuss the available options with you. Be sure that the various cancer treatment is made available and possible for all cancer patients.


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