Breast Cancer Symptoms: Knowing the General Facts

Every woman should be aware of breast cancer symptoms as the ailment is one of the major causes of death in the world. Some of the survivors may be able to beat the cancer, but they also have to sacrifice their breasts to win the war. Knowing the symptoms and the signs can help you find the cure earlier. And performing the check on your own won’t take a whole hour. Sometimes, it only takes a few minutes and a careful awareness to know that there is something wrong with yourself.

The General Symptoms

breast cancer symptoms
breast cancer symptoms

Knowing the stages of the breast cancer symptoms isn’t a sure thing because cancerous cells won’t show any signs if they haven’t developed. However, if you are careful and thorough enough, you should know that there is something wrong with your breasts – and the condition isn’t normal. After all, when the issue has progressed, finding the signs should be easier because you will likely find more than one symptom.

The Feel

breast cancer symptom picture
breast cancer symptom picture

When there is something wrong, you will notice that there is something different about the nipple or the breast. It feels different, in terms of:

  • There is a thickening in a certain area – usually around the underarm or close to the breast
  • You feel a different type of tenderness in the nipple
  • It is possible that you find a lump in the breast area
  • The skin pores feel different. There is an enlargement of the skin pores that feel like the texture of an orange, for some people

You may find a lump on the breast and check yourself to a professional healthcare. A lump doesn’t always mean cancerous cells but it is better to have it checked further

The Appearance

breast cancer symptom
breast cancer symptom

When we are talking about breast cancer symptoms, we are also talking about the appearance as it will be different from the usual. You may experience:

  • Unexplainable changes in the shape or size of the breasts without undergoing a certain situation, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc.
  • You find dumplings on your breasts
  • You find shrinkage or swelling in one side breast only – although it can also happen to both breasts
  • You find both of your breasts are recently unsymmetrical – or both of them recently have undergone drastic changes on the size and shape.
  • The nipple is somehow slightly inverted or inward – and it happened just recently
  • You notice that the skin on your nipple, areola, and breasts are different. It becomes swollen, red, and scaly with pitting and ridges

Any Strange Discharge

The most common breast cancer symptoms is when you experience discharge – whether it is bloody or milky. The latter one happens when you are not breastfeeding or pregnant. Have it checked right away.

Just because you have the symptoms, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are 100% positive having cancer. That’s why it is best to consult the professional health expert so the symptoms can be investigated and further solutions can be found. Performing regular check and self examination is advised for all women so early breast cancer symptoms can be found and examined thoroughly.


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